The Elder Scrolls: World History

2E-893 – With the help of the Numidium, Tiber Septim destroys the Aldmeri Dominion in the provinces of Valenwood and Summerset, annexing them to the Empire. At the same time, Skyrim is initially part of the empire (as I recall Talos – Nord), and Hammerfel and High Rock join the world.

2E-896 – The Tamriel Empire occupies the entire continent. Tiber Septim announces the beginning of the third era. Talos himself, after death, is revered in the empire as a god. As a result, the main imperial pantheon consists of nine gods. Eight creators of the world and Talos.

Third era

Throughout the third era, the Empire has relatively stable rule over the continent.

3E-110 – the army from Pyandonea is trying to invade, but it is defeated.

3E-120 – there are internal disassembly. Kintira “The Queen-Wolf” is trying to forcefully seize the throne with the help of troops from Skyrim and Morrowind (War of the Red Diamond), but is defeated.

3E-249 – the revolt of the elves from Valenwood, led by Camoran the Usurper. Unsuccessful. An important point – the forces of Camoran are recaptured by the forces of High Rock without the help of the central authority of the empire. From this moment, the provinces begin to think how to separate themselves, confident that they can protect themselves.

3E-268 – Emperor Uriel Septim the Fifth tries to capture Akavir. Tsaesok cities surrender without a fight, but after the surrender they completely defeat the imperial army using weather spells.

3E-389-399 – the court magician Jagar Tarn seizes power, posing as the emperor (Uriel Septim the Seventh), but the nameless hero of the game The Elder Scrolls: Arena manages to return everything as it was.

During his reign (short-lived), Tarn manages to surrender the imperial magical flying island of Batlespire to the grandfather Prince Merunes Dagon, so that he gets rid of the magicians inhabiting this island (Tarn is afraid that he will be exposed). We are cleaning up this island from Dagon in the game An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire.

3E-405 – The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall

In Hammerfell, they excavate the remaining Numidium from Talos. All local rulers at once try to gain control over the golem and force to achieve independence from the empire.

Uriel Septim the Seventh directs the same nameless hero to sort it out, but this time the hero fail it and not only does he die, he manages to launch a completely inexplicable cataclysm, known as the Warp of the West.

In the process there are as many as six different Numidims golems arise. One of them separates Hammerfell from the empire, so that in its place three small independent states are formed: Daggerfall, Sentinel and Wayrest.

The second – creates a state of orcs Orsinium (again).

The third – stops attempts to secede from the empire in all other provinces except Hammerfell.

Fourth – makes God the main necromancer Mannimarco (King of Hearts).

Fifth – kills the underground king Anderking.

The sixth, apparently, just kills the hero himself.

After which all six golems disappear forever.

3E-427 – The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

Daedric prince Dagoth Ur, who fell asleep near the Heart of Lorkhan many years ago – wakes up.

According to a prophesy (there are prophesies in Tamriel for every major figure), the degeneration of the ancient elven hero Neverara can stop him. Uriel Septim finds this hero and sends him to Morrowind to investigate.

As last time, the proceedings go sideways – on the one hand, Dagot Ur succeeds in beating. However, the final battle provokes the eruption of Red Mountain, the very volcano where the Heart lay. This eruption completely destroys half of Morrowind (Vvvardenfell’s entire inner mini-continent simply wipes it off the face of the earth) and covers the remnants of the province with a thick layer of ash. Very soon, all plants die, Morrowind becomes a scorched wasteland, Dunmer refugees fleeing to other provinces in droves.

The hero (probably fleeing responsibility for what happened) escapes to the neighboring continent of Akavir.

3E-432 – The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Daedrich Prince Dagon (not to be confused with Dagoth Ur from the last part) plans a massive military invasion from Oblivion. He waits for a favorable moment and sends religious fanatics to kill the emperor Uriel Septim the Seventh and all the heirs to the throne.

According to his plan – when there are no dragon-born on the throne, the passage between Nirn and Oblivion (half-closed even by Alessia) – will be opened again and it will be possible to invite an army.


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