Apex Legends: New Cool Event!

Event June 23 – July 7 2020


Longtime Apex Legends fans will get Armed and Dangerous as a sniper / shotgun mode only, which we return for Lost Treasures, but with a twist. Firstly, in this mode only Evo Armor is available, with which players will reset. This means that blue, violet and gold armor will not be available in Armed and Dangerous: Evolved, which allows players to fight for them to achieve higher levels of armor such as Blue, Purple and Red. We also remove Respawn Beacons from the map.

Armed and Dangerous Evolved will introduce a new item: Mobile Respawn Beacon.

Use it to summon the miniature Respawn Beacon almost anywhere on the map, and then use the banner card of your squads to return them to battle.

The Mobile Respawn Beacon is deployed via satellite and needs a landing permit (very similar to the Lifeline service package), and as soon as it lands, the one who comes first is the first to be serviced.

During the Lost Treasures event, mobile spawn beacons will only be available in the Armed and Dangerous versions. After the event ends, they will be added to the regular Apex Legends loot pool in open and ranking matches.

We have received great reviews of our prize tracks, and we are pleased to present you the brand new Lost Treasures Event, shown below. As before, you can earn up to 1000 points for a set of tasks, and the set of tasks will be updated daily. In addition, you can still carry out your combat missions at the same time.

For the first time at this event, we present the second tab, “Special Offers”. This page contains 7 additional cosmetics at a lower price.

These are limited events, so they will not be eligible for a return for at least another 6 months; However, these items do not count towards your 24-item collection. They will be available throughout the event.

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