Rainbow Six Siege. Game That You Never Forget!

Recently, Ubisoft introduced the gameplay of Operation Steel Wave in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege, new details have become known. Operation Steel Wave will add to the shooter Norwegian operative Ace, who will go to the steward and the new defender Melusi from South Africa.

Ace from Norway, thanks to his excellent service in the Rapid Response Force squad, has earned a reputation as a true hero. Having received an invitation to join the Forsvarets Spesialkommando, he took part in a joint UN operation in Somalia and during the fighting saved Kali’s life. After which, he joined NIGHTHAVEN. As a special weapon, Ace uses a device called S.E.L.M.A., which can be fixed on any surface and destroy vertical obstacles in 3 stages. When the charge is triggered, an enemy device that is in range will also be destroyed.

Field investigator Melusi joined the South African National Defense Force in order to gain more skills and earn money for ranger courses. She decided to leave the army and head the Incaba task force, which counteracts poachers. There she trained local women in surveillance, reconnaissance and interception. Melusi has a special electronic gadget called the Banshee. After using it in a certain radius, any fighter from sturmaster will move at a reduced speed. In addition, the Banshee can also be used as a reconnaissance device, because a very loud sound is produced when it is triggered.

Together with the new operatives, the “House” card will be redesigned in the game – the layout of the building will be changed, the basement, attic and office will be expanded. To improve the gameplay on this map, the rest of the territory was also slightly reorganized.

Other changes in the update:

Single MMR

Amaru Amplification

Proximity sensor

Elite Echo Kit

A new update with Operation Steel Wave is available on Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege test server. Only after testing, the release date of the operation on the main game servers will be announced.

More than four years after the game’s release, Rainbow Six Siege has evolved into not only a compelling shooter but one of the best examples of the genre.

In Rainbow Six Siege, small tactical choices always lead to big consequences. Every round is a new lesson in what you could have done better, with your mistakes acting as a stern teacher. Taking these lessons to heart and adjusting your team’s strategy accordingly keeps each match feeling fresh and exciting, and a drip-feed of new operators, loadouts, and abilities constantly introduces new considerations. The thrill of seeing your plan succeed–whether that’s a collection of traps that stops the enemy in their tracks, a well-placed breaching hole that sets the stage for an ambush, or two operators’ abilities working together to pull the rug out from the opposing team–is what makes Siege not only a compelling shooter but one of the best examples of teamwork, tactics, and crack shooting out there.

Despite its evolution over the past four years, Rainbow Six Siege has always been a battle between attackers and defenders over a single objective. There are five operators per team, each with their own special gadgets that can be used to slow the attackers’ assault or poke holes in the defenders’ fortifications. Every round, attackers need to move in on a specific objective; depending on the mode, they’ll need to sneak in and extract a hostage, create a pathway to secure a specific room, or strategize carefully to defuse a bomb. Bomb is the quintessential Siege mode, as it makes every operator feel viable and balanced. Pushing the objective, finding an opening to plant the defuser, and then protecting said defuser gives the attacking side a steep, rewarding climb to victory, and it’s the defenders’ job to knock them down and keep them from reaching that summit.

Playing video games with friends is usually more fun than playing alone, and the benefits of communicating and working together make Siege a more enjoyable experience when playing with people you know. Thankfully, solo-queuing isn’t an entirely lost cause, as it’s not uncommon to find like-minded players interested in coordinating as a team, but you will inevitably come across players more interested in taking the objective on their own. Siege incentivizes teamwork, and when a group of players executes a coordinated assault on the garage in House or top floor of Kanal, it results in some of the most exciting moments you can experience in a team-based first-person shooter.

Siege isn’t all about shooting; there’s also a large focus on learning and utilizing each operator’s unique gadget to assist in taking or holding the objective. The attacking side’s abilities range from breaching reinforced walls and creating new doors to dismantling defender gadgets and using cameras to reveal enemy locations. Choosing the right operator and creating a good team of operators whose abilities work well together can make a heavily fortified room much easier to breach. For example, using Thatcher’s EMP grenades to destroy signal disruptors can give Thermite’s breaching charge the opportunity to create a door into the objective. Meanwhile Fuse’s barrage of explosives can force defenders into triggering Lion’s motion-detection drone.


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