Rainbow Six Siege. Game That You Never Forget!

On the defending side, operator gadgets consist largely of tools that slow the attackers’ pursuit of the objective or prevent it altogether. Mute’s signal disruptors cut out the use of any electronic gadgets, such as the recon drones and Thermite’s charges. On the other hand, there are gadgets that can incapacitate an attacker altogether. A well-placed welcome mat from Frost can trap an unsuspecting attacker, serving them up for a free kill shot after you hear that unmistakable clamp.

Siege does a great job with its gadget audio, with distinctive sounds that alert you to who you’re up against–Zofia’s impact grenades make a very distinct, almost hollow sound and can’t be mistaken for Ash’s breaching rounds or any of the other explosives. The gadgets are what make Siege’s combat distinct from other shooters, and while you’ll likely get into at least one firefight per round, using your gadget effectively to slow the enemy is just as rewarding as nailing that clutch headshot…


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