Hunting Simulator 2: New Season!

Studio Neopica and Nacon shared the release trailer for the hunter simulator Hunting Simulator 2. The game is already available on the PS4 and Xbox One. It will get to the PC on July 16, and later will release the version for Switch.

In the sequel, players have to go to explore vast locations, including the plains of Colorado, the Texas desert and the forests of Europe. An impressive arsenal of rifles and equipment will be available for hunting, and a faithful dog will help the hero in search of animals.

The hunter’s arsenal will consist of more than 160 units of weapons, accessories and equipment from real world brands. These include all kinds of body kits, binoculars and even bows. Separately, the allocated clothes – the player will be able to optionally customize the character’s things: caps, backpacks, pants, gloves, jackets and other equipment.

Each thing has its own indicators. For example, a hip bag allows you to take two extra items, and the backpack is already four and in addition another weapon. In addition, the description of the equipment contains the features for certain weather conditions. Some things are suitable for the hot seasons, others for more severe ones.

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