Gran Turismo

Obviously, such a system was created to protect against cheaters, because saves from previous Gran Turismo learned to crack in order to edit the characteristics of machines and other important data. If you imagine that players would learn to edit their ratings online, then this would put all matchmaking at risk. Online retention at GT Sport is definitely an extremely harsh measure that can be redefined under the pressure of the gaming community in the future.

Whatever you say, Gran Turismo from the very beginning earned itself the glory of a “game about beautifully shiny cars.” Over the past 20 years, they have learned not only to shine: in GT Sport, the detail is so high that the dashboard gives a translucent reflection in the windshield, which, moreover, varies depending on the lighting. In general, the view from the cabin was a success: there are such trifles that you wonder. Buttons of the head unit Mazda MX-5 – please. The texture of the perforated BMW M4 sports seats is not a question. And how all this looks in dynamics when color lighting and dynamic shadows play in the car’s cab! As they say, it is better to see once.

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