Far Cry New Dawn

If you liked the fifth part, then you will be delighted with the new game. The changed world, which was destroyed by an atomic strike, and then reborn and shone again with bright colors, while receiving its own corporate identity and atmosphere. 17 years after the nuclear explosion, survivors began to rebuild the world. They founded settlements that called prosperity. Everything went on as usual, but once raiders visited the Hope County, led by two twin sisters Mickey and Lou, who were famous for their cruelty. They settled in the district and began to annoy the settlement. There were rumors about Thomas Rush, who, along with the main character of the game, the captain of security, traveled from the west coast, helping people. Their team is on its way.

Raiders attack the train and undermine it. And the surviving passengers are ruthlessly given to the captain for death. The wrestler practically manages to escape from the raiders. But the twins are catching up with their people. They kill the captain, pushing him from the cliff into the water, thereby saving his carmine. Rey pulls the hero out of the river, and together they go to Hope County, where they get to prosperity. There, the captain meets his mother Carmen and Kim, who runs the settlement. She says that, once alive, but he is being held captive. As for the open world, its research and plot, everything is, as always, very cool, the only complaint about the game is the same as that of Wolfenstein Youngblood. For some reason, they tried to push RPG elements that weren’t necessary for it, but unlike the Wolfenstein, the new Far Cry system added more intelligently levels swing, the mobs die literally from 2-3 shots, errors are extremely rare. But still players would like to see the good old Far Cry without RPG.

At the end of Far Cry New Dawn, when the bombs dropped on Hope County, I’d had one hell of a time. The ending was a bit of a cop out, but the adventures I’d had and the chaos that followed me throughout was top notch. I never thought I’d see that world again; I never thought I’d stand at the foot of the decrepit Joseph Seed statue, or revisit the church where it all went terribly wrong, but here we are. Unlike my original escapades traipsing through rural Montana, I was left without any particular memories, and it all felt like a bit of a blur. Some of the side missions were quite good, and some of the outposts gave me a good thrashing, but overall I walked away slightly disappointed by the whole affair.

17 years after the devastating events at Joseph Seed’s church, otherwise known as “The Collapse”, you play as a survivor trying to rebuild and protect your settlement from the twisted sisters, Mickey and Lou. They’re twins who have seemingly taken over Hope County in Joseph’s absence, and they’re a couple of really evil sods. There’s no real reason for them to be the way they are, and it’s never really explained how they came to be, or who their parents are. There’s a flashback to them when they were kids, but it’s ambiguous as to what their motives are. Still, they’re dangerous nonetheless, and you must rebuild Prosperity and fight off their goons all over Hope County, known as The Highwaymen…

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