Disintegration: Only Cyborgs Survive The Future!

In the futuristic world of Disintegration, humanity has managed to invent technology that can transplant the human brain into a cybernetic body. Thanks to “integration”, people were able to survive the global catastrophe and lack of resources. But returning to mortal shells was not so simple. The so-called Rayon wanted to stay forever in a robotic body and tried to turn all mortals into robots, forcibly transplanting their brain into a robotic exoskeleton. A game hero named Romer Shoal escapes from prison with a small group of renegades and with the help of an ordinary person they plan to form an army of resistance and oppose the Rayon.

A feature of the gameplay are gravicycles that can fly and quickly move around the map. Each vehicle has individual weapons and maneuverability. Sitting on a grav-bike it is necessary to command the ground army: attack enemies, collect objects and resources, and also apply unique abilities. The gameplay of Disintegration is a mixture of a first-person shooter with elements of strategy. Units can use grenades in battle to slow down time. The tasks in the game are the most diverse: rescue of hostages, battles in forests and abandoned villages, search for spare parts, battles in the snowy mountains or in the center of the megalopolis of the future. Between missions, you can return to the camp, where soldiers rest and tell various stories.

The game is presented in single player mode, three multiplayer modes and many PvP maps. The network mode will allow you to battle 5 by 5. One participant will control the air transport and oversee his team on the battlefield. A flexible configuration system allows you to set your group of fighters an individual look, flag, badges and emotions. In addition, each hero has individual skills and characteristics.

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