EVE Online: The Biggest Citadel Heist!

In addition, after several destroyed Citadels, Sulley was noticed by other players that tried to cash in on his work: he physically could not keep track of all the dropped loot. He had to call friends from another clan so that they would monitor potential looters and destroy them.

On June 2, Sulley reached the next Citadel – it belonged to Future Tech Industries. It was a relatively small building and, judging by its appearance, no one had used it for several years. Sulley did not really hope that there would be anything inside.

When the Citadel was destroyed, only one loot canister fell out of it. Inside were several thousand original drawings (blueprint originals or just BPOs) – very valuable resources needed to build any ships, modules or weapons.

By themselves, in such an amount, they would cost about 223 billion ISK – which is already quite good. But, looking through the list of the loot, Sulley noticed that there are not only ordinary drawings there. 23 of them are the so-called Tech 2, advanced drawings that allow you to build more powerful versions of various devices.

The fact is that CCP Games removed the opportunity to find new Tech 2 a few years ago – and since then they have become a rarity. Collectors are ready to give fabulous money for one such drawing – and Sulley found as many as 23 pieces.

“I am still shocked by the fact that I found so much valuable in one building. This is surreal.


player EVE Online”

He has already sold most of the drawings and thus gained 3.8 trillion ISK – in real money, this is about 60 thousand dollars. And Sulley still has a few Tech 2.

For 12 years in EVE Online, the player admits, he earned only a third of the amount that he could get in one evening. His win is a record for the whole game, no one has yet received so much money one-time. In the largest battle in EVE Online history, the winning corporation gained only three times as many ISKs as Sulley, who robbed one Citadel. And in that battle seven and a half thousand people participated.

Sulley himself, however, is in mixed feelings about his victory. On the one hand, he, of course, is pleased with an unprecedented win. On the other hand, Sulley understands that for many players this is not the best and honest innovation.

After all, the Citadels initially touted as a way to secure their earnings for those players who do not often go into EVE Online. Now all of them are under attack, and accumulated wealth is redistributed among active users.

CCP Games itself clearly believes that the update improved the game. Recently, the studio began to make the world of EVE Online a more dangerous place – now there are aliens scurrying around the galaxy, plunging individual systems into chaos. However, for most players like Sulley, the question is not whether these are good innovations or not, but how to cash in on them.

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