Dragon Age Inquisition: Wanna Meet A Dragon?

As with any other battle in Dragon Age Inquisition, the suggested party build is left to player preference. Players most often choose one party member in each class, as their different skills, weapons, and armor can work well together against a single threat. This party style would include at least one Warrior, one Rogue, and one Mage (not counting the player’s character).

Depending on the player’s class and abilities (and weapon type), they may wish to choose a party companion of a different type. For example, a Rogue dual dagger player may wish to bring along a Rogue archer like Varric. Meanwhile, a Warrior player with weapon and shield may bring along another Warrior with a two-handed weapon, like Iron Bull. Still, this is a matter of preference.

It is also advisable to bring along at least one mage, though more may also help win the fight. All high dragons have a resistance and a weakness, often tied to magic abilities. As a bonus, mages with the Barrier Spirit ability can help protect the party. However, this is not required if members of a player’s party have equipped their weapons with Runes.

Two potential companions, Blackwall and Cole, have powerful abilities a player can get for points that make it difficult if not impossible for an enemy to kill them, so there is a chance they would be good choices.

Some fans suggest bringing along a romanced character (with the exception of Cullen and Josephine, who are not companions), as this can sometimes help raise approval ratings with the romanced character and build their bond with the player’s character. This tends to be truer for main story quests than specifically dragons, however…

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