Marvel’s Iron Man is magic

Most critics rated the game positively, however, at the time of writing, article 76 out of 100 points was possible. Kanobu translated the most interesting points from several reviews for you.

Screen Rant – 90/100

Iron Man VR is by far one of the most impressive PlayStation VR games that allows players to finally experience Iron Man. The game perfectly conveys the feeling of being in a superhero costume. Gameplay, VR-mechanics and storyline are all performed at the highest level. The game sets a new benchmark for video games of this format.


Iron Man VR begins with the player being in the place of the young Tony Stark immediately after he becomes Iron Man. Then we are carried forward 5 years, when the hero became much more experienced. In a word, the game is exactly that Iron Man, to which most people are accustomed.

Push Square – 80/100

Tony Stark vs. the villains: Marvelʼs Iron Man VR release trailer released

The first Marvel Irons Iron Man VR ratings appeared on the net | Kanobu – Image 1 – 70/100

Daily Star – 80/100

From the good points. The game has an option to select response options in the dialog. But something I strongly doubt if it has any influence on the development of history. But this is necessary to make the storyline, which is here, by the way, about revenge, more interesting and interactive.

As for the plot, then Tony destroys the consequences of his wrong choice in the past. Yes, the plot is interesting, but not the main one, right? Gameplay is what this game really can be proud of. Everything from the propulsion systems of the costume to various combat options was thought out and tested to perfection. The gameplay works simply, and it works well.

You control the push of your suit with your hands, turn them back to fly forward, turn them down to fly up, and – after a short period of adjustment – it really starts to seem like you can fly really.

Hardcore Gamer – 50/100

In short, Marvelʼs Iron Man VR could be an even worse game, but certain game mechanics prevent her from doing this. Let’s start with the battle. When it starts, the game takes all attempts to seem better to you than it is, but ultimately it all comes down to an ordinary immersive shooter. Immediately revealed shortcomings of the technical part. You have 2 modes: frequent shots from repulsors or rare missiles while the system cools down. But they work the same way. You need to stretch your hand forward, and often in the heat of battle the desired shot does not occur, then the system incorrectly counts your movement. More about the battles. The main opponents in the game are drones, which you will have to destroy in batches




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