Far Cry 5: Hunting Season Is Open!

Far Cry 5: Hunting Season Is Open!

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In Far Cry 5 you will find yourself in a completely open world, you can go to any corner of the state, go fishing and feel like a tourist. In addition, you will not have a traditional mini-map with marks, so you will have to explore everything yourself. This is a long, sometimes tedious, but more often hiking in the mountains can lead you to an unplanned event – the game lives its own life, events occur without your participation. For example, you can stumble upon a gang of novice sectarians who “clean up” the village – be sure to help the locals and they will reveal some secret to you. Examine the map in detail, because there are a lot of such events.

The gameplay itself is not much different from traditional first-person shooters – you will shoot a lot from pistols, automatic rifles, grenade launchers and other weapons, destroy buildings and outposts of opponents, capture cars, ATVs and airplanes. Act like Rambo in the famous film – one against all, even from the bow you can shoot using an unusual viewing angle.

As the plot develops, the passage becomes more difficult, the degree of tension increases, because more and more forces are involved in the slaughter. Militias and sectarians send troops, while the federals are not heard at all.

In the conditions of fierce street fighting, it is not at all clear that the conflict is somehow trying to resolve the US government. The sheriffs and the vaunted National Guard have gone somewhere, so you act almost alone, attracting several local aides.

However, such a flaw in the script was made specifically so that you could fully enjoy the development of the plot. And directly affect the ending – be sure to go through Far Edge 5 to the end, it’s worth it.

Far Cry 5 is really exciting – going through the storyline and walking along the mountains and valleys takes a lot of time, no less than skirmishes and talking with other characters. The developers managed to create a cool and exciting world where NPCs live their lives, and you, through your actions (or inaction), influence the development of history.

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If you’re familiar with the premise of Far Cry–the idea of a one-person army taking on overwhelming hostile forces in large, unpredictable surroundings–then you know exactly what Far Cry 5 feels like. You’ll engage in different styles of offensive conflict; attempt to tame the wild, natural environment to your advantage; and slowly build a guerilla resistance in the background. But for its fifth mainline entry, the series formula has undergone some very positive refinements, which make its core hook of exploring and engaging with its volatile setting a more free-flowing and pleasant experience. It lets you fully enjoy the sights and activities of its beautiful and interesting open-world without too many overt distractions.

The biggest change is that the series is finally confident enough to put you in charge of your own progression. After a brief orientation, the entire region of Hope County, Montana USA is immediately open for exploration. Three intimidatingly large regions surround your starting point, and you’re given only a gentle suggestion of a good first destination. The moment when you’re shown all the equally accessible possibilities and the furthest reaches of the map feels liberating–you may even be crippled by the choice, and that’s a good problem to have…

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