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Developers from NetherRealm Studios love to produce tons of DLC for their fighting games, but usually add-ons are limited to paid characters, skins and items for the “Crypt” mode. The more interesting it is to look at a full-fledged story update, fans of the original are presented with a review of Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath.

The plot starts with the victory of Liu Kang over Chronicle, as a result, the God of Thunder instructed him to try on the role of the Guardian of Time in order to help restore the natural course of events in the universe. However, everything flew into the chimney when Raiden crept up to the hourglass.

Antagonists that were absent in the original MK11: Nightwolf, Shang Tsung and Fujin teleported through the portal. The result was an elegant multi-way, showing why these fighters are generally embedded in the paid DLC.

mortal kombat 11 aftermath review

Developers are actively experimenting with content, as they saw a drop in demand for classic character packs. A campaign called “Consequences” is presented to your attention, but there is no direct connection with the original plot.

In fact, we are talking about a parallel universe. Remember how Injustice 2 implemented similar mechanics? In the hands of the scriptwriters unlimited freedom of action, invent any game – and people eat it, because there are no contradictions with the canon.

The main newcomer to the fighting game is a robot policeman. Robocop acts sluggishly, has a couple of combinations and fights well from afar, but is a whipping boy nearby. The balance will probably be polished with patches, by June one had already left. Have the authors watched Robocop movies? Hardly, since the list of his weapons includes a hand grenade launcher …

At a leisurely pace, the campaign runs in 3-4 hours, there is practically no intrigue. Before us is a clean water soap opera, although the staging of fights is of high quality. All the more interesting to see what happens in the upcoming film adaptation.

mk 11 aftermath review

Closer to the finale we will see “this is a turn”, which offers a new interpretation of the entire saga. This is one of the few projects in the franchise that supports non-linearity with two endings, both of which are excellen


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