Call of Duty. The Best Action Game!

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Creative director of the “Raven Software” Amos Hodge said that Duos mode would come to the Call of Duty: Warzone Battle Royale eventually, after developers “find the right timing and everything else.” Apparently they found it, because Activision announced that the duo mode is available in the game now.

Warzone Duos mode works the same as Trios and Fours, but with fewer opportunities to recover if and when things go sideways. That reduced backup puts, increased pressure on players to pull their weight across a wider variety of situations.

“Duos is quite possibly the ultimate test of friendship and teamwork; with only one other teammate to rely on, you’ll have to coordinate your strategies, make good callouts, and most importantly, hit your shots if your fellow friend’s life is at stake,” Activision wrote.

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