Beyond Blue: Explore Mysterious Depths!  

Beyond Blue is a story adventure about divers. The action takes place in the near future: the main character named Mirai is the head of a team of scientists who study the depths of the sea with the help of new technologies. In appearance, Beyond Blue may resemble ABZU or Subnautica, but inside it is completely different: there is not much freedom, there is no craft or survival – the main emphasis is on the plot and atmosphere. Mirai will have to get along with her colleagues, communicate with relatives, worry about her sick grandmother.

At the same time, the game raises topics of illegal extraction of resources, pollution of the oceans and the negative impact of man on the inhabitants of the sea. We can say that Beyond Blue is not only an entertaining, but also an educational project. The team tried to accurately simulate marine life, bottom topography, the behavior of fish and other elements of underwater life. In addition to the game, 16 documentaries are attached: there are underwater filming of the BBC channel, and conversations with ocean scientists.

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